Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now That's The Kayley We Are Used To!

Kayley did very well today for the most part. The night nurse tonight was also Kayley's nurse last night. She said Kayley took between 65 and 70 cc's for her throughout the night. This morning Megan was in with Kayley. At Kayley's 8 am feeding, Megan had a hard time getting her to wake up to eat and therefore, Kayley only took 20 cc's. It looks like Kayley's not a morning person (I wonder who she gets that from?). Kayley recovered for Megan for her next feedings. She took somewhere around 60's if I remember correctly. Then Grandma fed Kayley at 5 pm. Kayley took 80 cc's! That brings up the average. I came in and fed Kayley her 8 and 11 pm feedings. She took 70 cc's from me both times. Hopefully Kayley can keep up this consistency.

Megan spoke to the doctor this morning. He informed her that he really wants Kayley to take 90 cc's every 4 hours before he lets her go home. That equates to about 67 cc's every 3 hours. So, Kayley's definitely close. Hopefully she'll achieve that soon.

Kayley gained a whopping 70 grams tonight. She's back to her old ways at least for one night. She is now 3580 grams (7 lbs 14 oz). 8 lbs here she comes!...unless she poops of course.

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  1. I just want to see baby pictures of both of you because with those cheeks, her and Drew are an absolute clone of one of you!!! We are so excited for how close she is to coming home!!!!