Friday, August 22, 2008

Back To Back To Back

Kayley had a great second half of the day feeding. This morning, she was basically taking half her feedings through the bottle like normal. Then Megan got here for Kayley's 3 pm feeding and was able to give her a full feeding. Grandma followed up at Kayley's 6 pm feeding and gave her a full bottle. And last, I was finally able to give Kayley a full feeding at 9 pm. She went back to back to back. I hope she's finally getting it. There could still be some regression tomorrow but this is definitely a good sign. She is doing great.

The nurses took another step in preparing Kayley for home. Since Kayley has been in the big girl bed and feeding though a bottle, her bed has always been set at an incline. This is normal for babies especially ones that have reflux like Kayley does. Well, before going home, the nurses try to level her bed out so she gets use to it since that's how she'll be sleeping at home (unless this doesn't work and we have to accommodate). So far it doesn't seem like it's good for Kayley just yet. She starts to reflux and then her heart rate dips a bit. It recovers on it's own but we still don't like to see it. They'll probably try it for a little while longer but if it continues to drop her heart rate, they will most likely put it back to an incline. There is a possibility, like I said, that we'll just have to accommodate an incline for Kayley at home. That's not a big deal. There's a contraption for everything. We use to put Drew to bed on the wedge. That should be sufficient for Kayley if she needs it.

There's not much else to report. Kayley stayed at the same weight tonight. She is still 3400 grams or 7 lbs 7 oz.

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  1. Thanks Andy for the blog reports. I just love
    Kayley and the whole family and can't wait to meet
    her and big brother. Many of my friends have
    talked about their children born early and how
    healthy they are today. Your medical family sounds
    wonderful......carry on my friends.....XXOO...C