Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mom, Tell The Doctor That My Eyes Are Fine!

Kayley had a pretty uneventful day again today. The doctor doing rounds this morning ordered another eye exam on Kayley. However, Megan caught it before it was performed and questioned why she was having another one. The report from the first one said Kayley wasn't supposed to have one for another 2 years because her eyes were mature. So, the doctor double checked and of course the eye exam was cancelled. Good catch Megan!

Kayley's feedings are getting better and better. Megan breast feed her at her 3 pm feeding. Then Marla fed Kayley 15 cc's at her 6 pm feeding. And finally Kayley took 31 cc's from me at her 9 pm feeding. That's a new record for both of us. We all feel that Kayley is starting to get the hang of it. In her first couple attempts, Kayley was very clumsy with the process. Now, she really seems to get in a rhythm. I can feel her turning that corner....

Kayley is going to be weighed again at midnight. When I walked in tonight, the board said Kayley's weight was 2910 grams with an increase of 90 grams. I knew that wasn't right because she was 2860 grams last night and up 90 grams would be 2950 grams. Plus, those were the exact numbers from Saturday night. I think one of the nurses wrote down the wrong total today. In any case, the nurse tonight mentioned she gained 40 grams. So, given that she thought her current weight was 2910 grams, I think Kayley probably weighed in at 2950 grams (6 lbs 8 oz). If that's true, Kayley actually increased another 90 grams. So, as you can see, this is confusing. We'll just wait for tomorrow to get the actual weight.

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