Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Preparation For Home...Getting Sox Use To Kayley's Scent

We have the official weight from last night. Kayley weighed in at 2930 grams (6 lbs 7 oz) which was up 70 grams from Sunday night. Then tonight, Kayley went up another 55 grams to 2985 grams (6 lbs 9 oz). Any predictions on when the 7 lb weigh in will be? I'm betting it will be this coming Saturday.

Kayley is now up to 55 cc's per feeding. She's approaching that 2 oz/feeding mark. She will hit that when she starts taking just over 59 cc's.

Kayley continues to feed better. Megan had the lactation consultant in with her today and they got some stuff figured out. Kayley took 10 cc's from the nurse today and 22 cc's from me tonight. Even though she took less than yesterday, I would say that she did better as far as coordination goes. She isn't spitting out as much and she keeps a good rhythm. The biggest obstacle seems to be that she just gets tired so fast. We have to remember that she really isn't even supposed to be eating on her own for another 2 to 5 weeks. One of the nurses even told us a while back that when we get her home, she'll still have mostly the same routine. She will need to rest and sleep between feedings and we are not supposed to stimulate her in between at all. Feeding will just take a lot out of her for a while yet.

Lastly, the stuffed animal you see in the pictures above is actually for Sox (Sox is our dog). Since Kayley will be coming home soon, I am making sure Sox gets use to her scent early so she doesn't need to 'explore' her when she arrives home. It worked well with Drew so I don't see any issues with Sox this time around either. Sox has really been a great dog when it comes to Drew. Besides the occasional knocking down, Sox basically lets Drew do whatever he wants to her...even though a lot of times that consists of running her over with his push toys, pulling her ears and tail, and jumping on her among some other torturous things.

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