Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bye-Bye Oxygen Machine

Kayley's oxygen machine was taken out of her room. She is doing so good on her own that they don't think she'll need it any longer. That's great. We went from the oscillating ventilator to the normal ventilator to the CPAP to the oxygen prongs and finally off of everything.

The doctors increased Kayley's feedings again today. She is now up to 53 cc's. She's a growing girl that needs her calories. Hopefully this doesn't increase the reflux she has been having. At the end of every feeding, her oxidation dips down a bit because of the reflux. She should grow out of that sooner or later.

Kayley's unofficial weight gain tonight was 90 grams. I say unofficial because the nurse is going to weigh her again at midnight. The scale seemed to be acting up a bit even though it gave us the same weight both times we weighed her. So, if it sticks, Kayley is now up to 2910 grams or 6 lbs 6 oz. We'll get the official results tomorrow.

Kayley had an ok feeding day today. She really isn't consistent yet. At one of the feedings today, she only took 5 cc's. With Megan, she did well breastfeeding. And then tonight, she took 13 cc's from the bottle for me. They keep telling us that all of the sudden it'll just click for her and she'll take off. We're hoping that's soon.

Lastly, Megan and I took our Getting Closer and Homeward Bound classes today. There was a little helpful information but most of it was stuff we already knew. It seemed to focus most on first time parents. We did get some information on preemie care though so it was still helpful. Basically Kayley is just going to need some extra monitoring for some time after we take her home. Any signs of a sniffle, cough, or anything else out of the ordinary could mean the start of something more serious. So, we'll have to be very careful for a while. The last thing we want is to make Kayley sick.

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