Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Don't Wanna Be Fat!

This morning started off with the doctor not being too impressed with Kayley's milk intake and her weight loss. Neither were up to his standards. If it were to continue this way, the tube would have to be put back in so Kayley could get full feedings every time. She would also be put back on a schedule. So needless to say, I don't think Kayley is going to come home within those 48 hours I mentioned last night.

Kayley has been eating very well with the bottle today. Some of the times are more of a struggle than others. Today she started with a 60 cc feeding at 9 am. Then at noon, Megan gave her 70 ccs. At 4 pm, Kayley took another 70 ccs. And then at 8 pm, I gave her 70 ccs again. Hopefully those numbers impress the doctor a little more.

I stayed until Kayley's midnight feeding tonight so I could find out Kayley's weight. The nurse didn't have time to do it before her 8 pm feeding. Unfortunately, her weight dropped again. It went down 20 grams to 3480 grams (7 lbs 10 oz). That's not what we wanted. The thing that she has done consistently while we've been here is gain weight. And now, when we want her to do it the most, she isn't. Determined to make that change, I fed her this midnight feeding too. She looked good from the start. She ended up taking 83 cc's from me. Hopefully that helps cancel out the weight loss and buys her another day without the feeding tube.

I need to clear up something I got way wrong last night. The car seat test is not to make sure we know how to use it or to see if it is the correct size. They sit Kayley in it for an hour or so to make sure she can handle it. Sometimes when babies are in it, their air flow is restricted and they have trouble breathing. The nurse just makes sure that doesn't happen before they send the baby home. In some cases, families come from farther away (Flagstaff or Texas to name a few) and putting a baby in the car seat for that long with breathing or other problems could mean serious trouble.

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