Friday, August 8, 2008

The Difference One Day Makes

Kayley didn't feed well yesterday from the bottle. She only took 20 cc's combined from two separate feedings. That's all we tried because she just wasn't interested. Today, she took a big leap forward. Here are her totals:

20 cc's (from nurse)
16 cc's (from nurse)
26 cc's (from Grandma Marla)
36 cc's (from Dad)
98 cc's total

And that doesn't even include the amount from when the night nurse feeds her...if she did. She normally tries at her 3 am feeding when Kayley is wide awake.

Now are we turning that corner? I guess only time will tell.

Other than Kayley's feedings today, the only update I have is her weight. 75 grams...60 grams...40 grams up??? Nope. 0 grams up. She weighs the same tonight that she did last night. She is still 3060 grams (6 lbs 12 oz). Knowing Kayley, I'm sure there will be more weight to gain tomorrow.

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