Sunday, August 24, 2008


I don't have many updates for Kayley today. Her feedings were increased again but only by 1 cc. She is now at 65 cc's per feeding. From what I've heard, she did pretty much the same eating today as she has the last couple days except when I fed her tonight. Kayley spits up occasionally just like most babies do. However, tonight Kayley spit up every time I burped her which is not the norm for her. I got her to take 55 cc's but between some of her "wet" burps and a spit up or two, who knows how much she actually got. The nurse decided not to put the 10 cc's she had left into the pump. Kayley was probably telling us that she was just too full. So, we'll wait until the next feeding to see if she spits up more. Most likely, she'll do fine.

After I left last night, Kayley worked her poop out (perfect timing as far as I'm concerned). So, you know what that means. She lost weight tonight. She is down 10 grams to 3460 grams which is still 7 lbs 10 oz.

Kayley is being fussy again for me tonight. I don't know if she's gassy or just in a bad mood. She keeps falling in and out of sleep. And if I let the pacifier fall out of her mouth, she lets me know with a pretty healthy scream. So, as I write this post, I pause about every 3 minutes to put her pacifier back in. Just this last time, I put a blanket against the pacifier so it stays in. It has worked so far. Right now she's asleep. I'm hoping she stays that way for a while.

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