Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quit Poking Me!!!

Kayley had a exhausting day today. The day brought on many needles...and she still has one left. At 6 am, the nurse had to draw some blood from Kayley so they could do some routine blood tests. Everything checked out well with the exception of a couple numbers being off a very little bit. Nothing to worry about.

Today was also time for Kayley's 2 month vaccinations. She received all of them during the day except for 1. They didn't want to overwhelm her so they saved one for midnight tonight. Only one more stick to go....for now.

The night nurse told me tonight that Kayley decided on her own last night that she was done with the tube in her nose. The nurse came into Kayley's room and there Kayley was, tube in hand...not in her nose. She pulled it out and evidently was looking as proud and as happy as could be. Too bad the tube had to go back in.

Kayley is still improving with her eating. The night nurse got Kayley to take 42 cc's at her 3 am feeding and 21 at her 6 am feeding. The nurse continues to tell me that Kayley is always wide awake at 3 am. Great. The 6 am feeding didn't go as well because Kayley was still fuming a bit from the poke she received in her heel. We can't really blame her for that. I don't think the day nurse fed Kayley a bottle at all today because I think she let Kayley rest after receiving her shots. So, Kayley waited for Megan to come in for her 6 pm feeding. The breastfeeding went great according to Megan. Kayley went the full 1/2 hour and they didn't even feel the need to give her any additional milk when that was complete. That's a very positive step in the right direction. I came in tonight expecting a very hungry girl, but instead, I was greeted with a very exhausted girl. Kayley only lasted 15 minutes with the bottle. She took 21 cc's and then zonked out. We'll give her a break since she went through a lot today. But tomorrow, we jumping back on the horse again. I'm determined to get Kayley to take a full bottle.

And lastly, Kayley lost 5 grams today. She weighed in at 3085 grams (6 lbs 12 oz...almost 13 oz). Her inconsistency could be attributed to the on, off, and on again calories in the last couple days. Knowing Kayley, she'll come back with big numbers tomorrow night.

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