Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready For Long Trips

Kayley is ready for long trips in her car seat. The nurse tested her this morning and there were no problems at all. Kayley's oxygenation stayed up around 100. The nurse also said that Kayley was smiling quite a bit when she was in it. Looks like she can't wait to take that trip home.

This morning, the doctor increased Kayley's extra calories back up to 24. Hopefully that will help Kayley gain some weight.

Kayley's feedings today went pretty well. After her midnight feeding of around 83 cc's, she took 80 cc's at 4 and 8 am, 75 cc's at noon, 60 cc's at 3:30 pm, and 67 cc's at 8 pm. She's definitely improving. We just need that to translate into weight gains.

Speaking of weight gains, Kayley has lost weight the last 2 nights. That's a streak we don't want to continue. Luckily, she didn't. She gained 20 grams tonight to get back to 3500 grams (7 lbs 11 oz). That's what we like to see. She just needs to keep it up so we can take her home.

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