Friday, August 29, 2008

2 In A Row!

Not much is going on here in the NICU. Kayley fell sound asleep right after her 8 pm feeding. I'm just sitting here writing Kayley's updates while using the hospital's emergency power. Yes. I said it right...emergency power. An unbelievable storm just passed through the area. It was truly the most lightning, thunder, and rain I have ever seen...Midwest included. Luckily Kayley's room has a window so I could watch. The nurse just came in and told me that they don't want anyone leaving for another hour or so because a lot of power lines are down. They also said over the intercom that there is no courier service for a while because they can't reach the hospital. Kayley may have a bunk mate tonight.

Anyway, there is not much new for Kayley except that they have changed her feeding schedule a bit. Instead of letting her pick the time she eats, we are now feeding her every 3 hours regardless. If she is sleeping, she gets woken up. That way, she gets more feedings in during the day. Before, she was going between 3.5 to 4 hours between feedings. The amount she takes per feeding has dropped a little but overall, her daily intake will increase.

Kayley took 65 cc's at most of her feedings today. She took 68 cc's from me tonight at 8 pm and then downed 70 cc's for me at 11 pm. She probably would have taken more but we only had 70 cc's in the bottle. That's no problem though. I'm sure she'll make up for it at her next feeding.

Everyone around here is pulling for Kayley to do well so she can go home with us...except the doctor. He is being pretty cautious as well he should be. I really don't have a problem with that. As much as I want Kayley at home, I don't want her leaving with any outstanding issues. We're going to be paranoid enough as it is.

Kayley gained more weight tonight. That's 2 nights in a row. She is now 3540 grams (7 lbs 12 oz). That is up 40 grams from last night.

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  1. I heard about your storm at my
    work out this morning. I hope your
    home and condo were not damaged. I
    know very well about storms this
    summer....hurricanes in Texas. I
    agree with you Andy, let the Doctor
    make the decision, best to be on the
    side of caution so Granny won't be
    so crazy when Kayley is home. It will
    be soon, we know and we pray for that
    great day....why didn't you choose
    Aug 28 as the birth date to honor
    Matt? He would have loved that.
    Take good care and get that girl