Saturday, August 23, 2008

64 cc's Doesn't Scare Us!

Kayley had another good day. Her feedings were increased to 64 cc's. Just when we were getting the hang of 60 cc's what do they do? They go and up it on us. Tonight when I got in, I told Kayley we weren't going to let that extra 4 ounces deter us. She gave me a grunt as acknowledgement. Then, it was down to business. A half hour later, 64 ounces...gone. She powered right through that last 4 ounces. She is really starting to do well. I'm beginning to believe she really wants to get out of here. Let's hope that's soon.

For Kayley's other feedings, she took 55, 55, 20, 55, and then a breast feeding + 30. There are a couple in there where I didn't get the total. I'm sure it was at least 1/2 the feeding. The 20 cc's were at 9 am when Kayley was wide awake. The nurse said, "She just seemed to want to look around more than she wanted to eat." Hmm. I believe we've all witnessed that before. Anyway, the next feeding, the nurse was determined. She used a higher flow nipple on the bottle. She had to help Kayley pace herself but all in all, Kayley did very well.

The nurse tonight is the same one we had last night. She's the one that told me about Kayley's bed being flat instead of inclined. She said that her heart rate dipped a couple more times after I left last night but then she turned Kayley on her side. Kayley didn't have any problems keeping her heart rate up after that. The nurse also pointed out that she thinks Kayley is working on a bowel movement (poop to the lay person). Kayley seems to be a once-a-weeker or so. She doesn't go for a while and starts to get a little uncomfortable causing her to strain some and that causes some of the reflux which in turn causes the dip in the heart rate. Then all of the sudden, she lets it all go and seems quite relaxed for a couple of days. So, with all the heart rate dips, we think one is on the horizon.

No poop in the last couple days also makes her gain weight fairly quickly. She gained another 70 grams tonight and weighed in at 3470 grams (7 lbs 10 oz).

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