Sunday, April 26, 2015

Goodbye April!

Holy cow, where did that month go?  We have been crazy busy with Drew's travel baseball schedule and Kayley's soccer that the month has flown by.  Andy also traveled to Miami for work for 3 days and I was in San Diego for work for 6 days.  Thankfully, we both have a break from work travel for awhile.

My mom stayed through Easter weekend so it was nice to spend the holiday with her.  The kids did all of the usual things - coloring eggs and an Easter egg hunt.  Ryan was really into shaking each egg as you will see in the videos.

Ryan and I spent a lot of time this month at the soccer field.  Unfortunately, a number of days were cold, like this one:

Kayley is having fun in her soccer league.  Her favorite position is goalie.  She is in the pink sweatshirt in the pictures below.

I got home from San Diego on Friday of this week.  Andy and Drew left for Omaha shortly after I got home.  The kids didn't have any activities this weekend so Andy thought it would be a good time to go visit his brothers and Sox and see his nephew's baseball game.  Kayley, Ryan and I went to the March for Babies on Saturday afternoon.  It was cold and rainy so the walk was shortened this year.  I think of all of the years we have done the walk in Peoria, we have only had 1 year of nice weather.  A little different than the walks in Phoenix!  Kayley and Ryan had a lot of fun despite the cold.

I also thought it would be a good idea to potty train Ryan this weekend because we had so much free time, which is unusual for us on the weekends.  Well, Ryan and I didn't have the same plan because he was not exactly interested or just didn't get it.

It wasn't all failure.  We had a couple of successful potty trips so we captured our excitement on video:

We'll try again later!

Here are a couple of random pictures from the month:

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hello April!

Wow, March flew by!  Andy and I have both been traveling a fair amount so the month flew by.

I took my annual girls' trip to Florida with my friends, Jamie and Missy.  We stay with Jamie's parents  at their condo and have a great time every year.  This year was no different!

Drew had one weekend off from baseball so we decided to use that time for a quick trip to Fun City with the kids.  It was much busier this time so the kids didn't get to ride the go-karts and play laser tag 20 times each like last time, which was actually a plus because it ended up being much cheaper this time around!  They spent a lot of time in the pool and the arcade.

Ryan went all day without a nap so he and I went back to the hotel room pretty early while Drew and Kayley stayed with Andy for more fun.  I made Ryan a little bed on the ground and he thought it was great!  We'll see how he feels about sleeping on the floor in a few more years...

We are participating in the annual March for Babies later this month.  Kayley is writing thank you notes to everyone who donates to Team Kayley for the walk.  She has been busy and is loving all of the support she is receiving!  THANK YOU to everyone who has donated.  If you haven't donated and are interested, you can donate here:

Working on her thank you notes!

Andy took his annual trip to Phoenix for spring training with his brothers.  They stayed with Dad and kept him entertained.  While Andy was in Phoenix, Mom flew here to watch the kids while they are on spring break.  We had to skip a spring break trip this year because of some work obligations I have, but I hope to plan a vacation for us later in the summer after baseball and t-ball end!

Ryan got sick while Andy was gone, but wanted to let Dad know he was taking his medicine:

Mom's birthday was on March 30th so the kids helped bake her a cake.  I am not sure who was the more excited about Grandma's birthday - Grandma or the kids!  ;-)

I spent the past three days in San Diego for work. I got home last night so it is nice to have a 3 day weekend to spend time with the kids.  Andy heads to Atlanta and Miami for work next week and then I go back to San Diego for a week later in the month.  So, it looks like April will be busy as well...