Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finally Some Snow!

Only Drew and Kayley are excited about the title of this post!  We didn't get much, but the kids finally got to put on their snow pants and snow boots and head outside!  Andy even joined them to help build a fort.  I really wanted to join them, but someone had to stay inside and watch Ryan so I did that.  :-)

We didn't do much this weekend so I am kind of wondering how I didn't get more done, but I guess you will have that when you have three little kids.  Right?!  It was nice to not have much going on because we have something every weekend starting next weekend until the middle of April.  Andy and I did go on a date last night.  Drew was not very pleased that we were getting a babysitter.  In fact, he said it wasn't fair that we got to go out and he didn't.  I told him it was fair and parents do it all the time.  He then asked me what a date is.  I told him and then he asked, "so parents have one date a year?"  I started laughing and said that is about right for us!  Clearly, we need to get out more!

When Kayley was taking her nap, Ryan found Kayley's bitty baby and he was pretty excited!

And here are a few more pictures of our happy little 8 month old.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Visit from Grandpa!!

Grandpa came last weekend to visit and the kids had only two requests - Mickie's Pizza and bowling!  Of course! 

The weekend didn't start out so great.  We drove to Mickie's on Friday night and we immediately noticed that Mickie's was very dark as we got close.  It appears to have gone out of business.  It is in a small town and usually wasn't busy so it isn't that surprising that it went out of business, but we were disappointed.  And Drew was devastated!  I am still answering his questions about why it is closed and whether it will ever open again.  :-(

Thankfully, things went great the rest of the weekend!  Drew received great presents from Grandpa for his birthday and Kayley and Ryan even got a few things!  And the highlight for the kids was definitely bowling.  They love bowling with Grandpa!

Grandpa and Ryan

Kayley showing off her form!

Drew after getting a STRIKE!!

Ryan getting ready for his
first attempt at bowling!

He was very excited!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun with Friends!

Last weekend, we were happy to have Angela, Amelia and Baby Quinn for a visit!  They drove up for the day on Saturday.  Amelia, Drew and Kayley played in the basement while Ang, the babies and I sat upstairs.  It was a great day!  I even got to cuddle with Quinn for awhile!  He is super cute and still young enough that he loves to be held and cuddled! 

Quinn and Ryan

Drew even got to celebrate his birthday again.  Ang brought a mini cake for him.  He was beyond excited to celebrate again, especially when it was a surprise for him!

Amelia, Drew and Kayley

And here is the birthday gift they gave Drew.  He asked us for one for his birthday, but I had already bought his presents and we didn't think we could find one so we kind of blew it off.  He was very excited when he opened this!  He told me it was his best birthday present ever!  Now we just need the weather to get nice so he and Andy stop using it in the house! 

How many things in my house will he
and his dad break playing with this?!

Ryan had another milestone this week.  He started clapping on Wednesday!  Drew, Kayley and I were standing in the bathroom after their baths and I was combing Kayley's hair and Drew was brushing his teeth.  When he got done he asked if we could play rock, paper, scissors so we started playing right in the bathroom.  Well, Ryan thought we were clapping and got really excited and started clapping.  It was so cute!  I went downstairs bragging to Andy that we just saw Ryan do his first clap.  He then burst my bubble by telling me Ryan's daycare teacher said he was clapping all day!  Darn!  Daycare gets all the firsts! 

"Playing" with his new stuffed animal sent
by his Godparents, Chris and Jenny!