Saturday, February 16, 2013

Visit from Grandpa!!

Grandpa came last weekend to visit and the kids had only two requests - Mickie's Pizza and bowling!  Of course! 

The weekend didn't start out so great.  We drove to Mickie's on Friday night and we immediately noticed that Mickie's was very dark as we got close.  It appears to have gone out of business.  It is in a small town and usually wasn't busy so it isn't that surprising that it went out of business, but we were disappointed.  And Drew was devastated!  I am still answering his questions about why it is closed and whether it will ever open again.  :-(

Thankfully, things went great the rest of the weekend!  Drew received great presents from Grandpa for his birthday and Kayley and Ryan even got a few things!  And the highlight for the kids was definitely bowling.  They love bowling with Grandpa!

Grandpa and Ryan

Kayley showing off her form!

Drew after getting a STRIKE!!

Ryan getting ready for his
first attempt at bowling!

He was very excited!

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