Sunday, November 22, 2015


It feels more like Christmas than Thanksgiving with all of the snow we got on Saturday.  The kids are in heaven and have been playing outside quite a bit the past two days.  Surprisingly, Kayley has been out there more than Drew.  Ryan was SO excited to go out.  He was downright giddy as I was helping him get his boots on.  He lasted about 12 minutes.  His hand got wet and that was the end of the fun for him!

It feels like football just ended, but we are already 3 weeks into Drew's basketball season.  He made the 3rd grade travel team for our school district so he has been busy with practices and games during the month of November.  His team played in their first tournament this weekend.  The tournament was about 35 minutes from our house and was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  It was a long weekend, but we had fun.  In 3rd grade, they play on a regulation height hoop so the games are usually low scoring, but they are still entertaining to watch.

These are a few pictures from the first game last weekend and then a video of Drew shooting a free throw during the tournament this weekend.

Drew is #4.  He is in the white jersey on the left
side of the picture guarding #45.  Yeah, I would
like to see #45's birth certificate.  Seems to be
a lot bigger than a 3rd grader!

Drew with a steal

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Last Football Game

Drew's last two football games were this past weekend.  His team ended the season with a record of 8-1.  They had a great team and great coaches.  Even though I was a little concerned at the beginning of the season about my 8 year old playing tackle football, it was a lot of fun.  Drew "grew up" in so many ways during the season.  He was a totally different player by the end of the season.

Here is a picture from Saturday's game in the rain.  This was the only game they lost this year.  It was cold and rained steadily throughout the game.  I was miserable at times, but felt even worse for the boys.  This picture doesn't really show the weather.

Here is a picture and some videos from the final game on Sunday evening.  The boys were so excited to get to play under the lights at the high school.  My parents were in town for the weekend so it was nice that they got to see such a good game.

Drew is at outside linebacker (#22)

These two videos show Drew playing outside linebacker and making the tackle.  He is #22.

This one is of Drew at running back.  He got tackled at the 1 yard line.  Darn it!

This was the final play of the game.  Drew got an interception!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Where did this month go?!  The kids have been looking forward to trick or treating all month.  I bought Halloween candy too early - they practiced trick or treating with it.  

Ryan's Halloween party at daycare was Friday afternoon.  He was his usual ornery self during the parade.  He had no interest in singing the Halloween songs.  He was pretty happy during the snack portion though.  :-)  Another plus is that he actually wore his costume.  Drew was Thomas the Train when he was 3 also, but refused to wear his costume at the daycare party.

Ryan had a rough start to trick or treating.  It started when we were leaving the bedroom after getting him dressed.  Apparently, I shut the light off before he was ready and that set him off.  Then we got the kids lined up for a picture and Kayley's broom slipped out of her hand and hit him on the head so we were back to crying.  Rough few minutes for poor Thomas the Train.  

Witch, Sad Thomas the Train and
Iowa football player

Three year old tantrums can come out of nowhere, but they also end quickly.  Candy at the first house seemed to cure all of his problems.  It was cold and rainy so Ryan didn't last as long as Drew and Kayley, but he stayed out a lot longer than I thought he would.