Sunday, February 19, 2012

"New" Toys

Drew saw me typing on my laptop a few days ago and asked if he could type.  I opened up a new document for him and he has been hooked ever since.  He asks us several times a day to type.  He types his full name, Kayley's full name, my full name, Andy's full name, our ages, etc.  He recently learned our address at preschool so he liked to type that for awhile too.  He seems to be getting a little bored with typing our names and address so he decided to type every number up to 1000 today.  He is currently at 205.  He asked how much longer to 1000 and I told him he had a long way to go so he decided to rest awhile and come back and finish later! 

Kayley saw Drew typing and wanted to type as well.  I got out our really old laptop and opened up a document for her to type in.  She can type her name, but that is about the extent of her interest.  The rest of the time she just hits any and every key and comes over to me every 2 minutes to fix whatever she has done.  On her 15th trip or so over to me, Andy made a comment about how annoying it can be when someone doesn't know how to do some of the basics on the computer (referring to me and me having to ask him for help often!).

They have a playroom full of toys, but this weekend it has been all about typing on some pretty old laptops.  They have had a lot of fun with it and Kayley even learned our address from listening to Drew recite it over and over and over again as he typed it over and over and over again!  She came up to me this afternoon and asked if I wanted to hear her say something and I said yes.  She then recited our entire address.  It was cute and she was SO proud of herself! 

I had to include the picture of Kayley below too.  We spent a LONG time organizing their playroom last weekend and I am determined to keep it that way.  The new rule (always been the rule, but never enforced until now) is that they have to put their toy away before getting a new one out to play with.  I asked her to put one toy away because she started playing with something else.  She immediately dropped to the floor in dramatic fashion and told me she couldn't because her legs hurt.  "I can't.  My legs hurt" is her new expression anytime she doesn't want to do something.  "Kayley, why aren't you eating your dinner?"  "Mommy, I can't.  My legs hurt."  "Kayley, please put your shoes away."  "I can't.  My legs hurt."  If we ask Drew to do something, he does it.  Is it because she is a girl or because she is the baby of the family?

Friday, February 10, 2012

She is at it Again!

Kayley is back to her stylist ways.  The good news is she doesn't have scissors.  The other day I walked into the living room to see Andy in Kayley's salon.  She was combing his hair with her brush.  She said he didn't need a haircut.  Whew! 

Meanwhile, Andy has his own styling fun with Kayley.  He loves to spike her hair, which is NOT GROWING AT ALL!  She usually comes downstairs after her baths looking like this:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daddy's Little Helper??

This may not be what Andy had in mind when Drew got a little carpenter toolbelt set for his bithday.  Kayely fell in love with it.  Yes, it has a real hammer.  Yes, this is the girl that cut her own hair when she was left alone with scissors.  Yes, we are aware she could do some real damage if she is out of our sight!