Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mom Said I Was What? No, Not Me.

Again, I don't have many updates from today. Kayley is just going about her business...sleeping, eating, and ....well, you know.

Megan said Kayley was very fussy today. I'm not sure I believe it because I came into the room tonight to a very sweet little girl. She ate very well and then went to sleep just like she was supposed to. And I didn't hear a peep out of her.

Kayley ended up eating 52 cc's from me. She is doing very well these days. She has become very coordinated. Too bad that most of the time she just doesn't have enough energy to finish her feeding. She'll get there though. The doctor told Megan today that he is not worried about her at all. She'll catch on. They don't start to worry until babies are 40 weeks gestation and still not eating all their feedings through a bottle.

Kayley's weight went down tonight. The 5 grams she gained last night disappeared tonight. She is back down to 3230 grams (7 lbs 1.9 oz).

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