Saturday, August 16, 2008

She Was A Swingin'

I don't have many updates for Kayley today. She's still taking the same amounts from the bottle. I came in tonight and Kayley wasn't as wide awake as she normally is. I had to poke and prod her just to wake her up a little bit. But, as I said in my post last night, she eats better when she's half asleep. She took 45 cc's from me again tonight. The downside of being half asleep when we start is that she falls into a deep sleep before the end of the feeding.

Kayley gained a little bit of weight tonight. She is now 3235 grams (7 lbs 2 oz). That's up 5 grams from last night.

When I walked in tonight, the nurse showed me that Kayley has a sore on her neck in between her folds. She must have spit up at some point when she was sleeping and it ran into the folds in her neck and irritated her skin. It looks a little painful but I didn't notice her being bothered by it. They are keeping some cream on it until it heals.

And last, Kayley got her first swing ride today. The day nurse said Kayley was so aware at one point today that she decided to put her in a swing so she could look around a bit. Evidently she looked around for a while and then fell fast asleep. That may already top the time Drew spent in a swing. He was not a big fan.

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