Saturday, August 2, 2008

35 Weeks Gestation...Hopefully Only A Couple Weeks Left

There are not many updates today. Kayley is still off the oxygen and is going strong. What a relief to have that gone before we go home. It was a possibility and I guess it still is that we could take Kayley home while still needing oxygen. But everyday she is off of it in here increases the chances that she won't need it when we go home.

Kayley's feedings were good and bad today. She took 18 cc's for the nurse during the day. And then, breast feeding went well with Megan. I guess that was enough for her for today because she would not take anything from the bottle for me tonight. When I finally gave up, there were only 3 cc's gone out of the bottle and I'm pretty sure they all ended up on the burp rag. Oh well. As long as she begins to take to breast feeding we're happy.

Kayley's weight is now 2820 grams. That's up 30 grams from yesterday. She is now 6 lbs 3 oz. No problems in this area.

We're not quite sure yet when we'll be able to bring Kayley home. She'll be 35 weeks gestation tomorrow. The best guess is that it will be a couple weeks yet. However, it really depends on how Kayley does with her feedings. In any case, tonight is Drew's first night in his new room. We kicked him out of his old room just in time for the weekend. We did it early so that we could endure the pain of his sleepless nights in his new surroundings before Kayley gets home. However, Megan reported to me that his first night has started off without a hitch. Hopefully that holds true throughout the night. I have a feeling if he wakes up and notices he's in a different room, there might be some screaming. But who knows, he might not care at all. We love that he is a good sleeper. Anyway, this clears out his old room for Kayley. Her clothes are now in the dresser and closet and her new bedding is on her bed. We're getting prepared for the homestretch.

And last, I stole a picture from Marla's blog of Grandpa Mark holding Kayley for the first time. He arrived in Phoenix on Wednesday and saw her for a moment Wednesday night. Then last night he was able to hold her for the first time. She looks pretty comfortable...

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