Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Kayley 2-Step

2 steps forward. One step back. 2 steps forward. One step to the side. Two steps forward. Stop and piddle around for a while. You got it. It's the new craze here in the NICU.

Kayley took one of those steps back with her feedings today. She was only taking around 45 cc's all day and was even a little "disorganized". Megan was in for Kayley's 2 pm feeding. Kayley took 55 cc's then. But at her 5 pm feeding, Kayley went back down to 50 cc's. I came in for Kayley's 8 and 11 pm feedings. She took 60 cc's and 70 cc's. So, she looks to be getting back on the horse. We're trying to be patient. We know Kayley will get it one of these days.

Along with the not-so-good feedings today, Kayley lost 30 grams. She is down to 3510 grams (7 lbs 11 oz). So, we'll regroup and hope for a weight gain tomorrow. The problem with that is Kayley is due for another poop and we all know what that does to her weight. Hopefully it comes soon so we can start putting a string of weight gains together so we can get Kayley home. According to Kayley's new dance, the next move 2 steps forward.

Jill, Kayley's primary night nurse, stopped in tonight after being on vacation for over 2 weeks. Kayley was wide awake and looking around when she came in. Then, Jill started talking to her and Kayley's eyes went right to her. I'm positive Kayley recognized her voice. It just shows how great it is to have primary nurses. It makes us feel so good that Kayley has established a bond with them. Not only do we have nurses who get to know Kayley and understand her needs, but we also have the peace of mind that Kayley is so comfortable with them.

I shot a video of Kayley tonight. I just wanted to show you what I deal with every night with Kayley. She has her awake period anytime between 8 and 10 pm. During that time which can last over an hour, she gets a little grumpy when things don't go her her pacifier falling out which it does constantly. Remember back when I wrote about the sweet sound of Kayley's cry? Well, let's just say it's not as sweet as it used to be. The video doesn't do Kayley justice for how loud she can get.

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