Friday, August 1, 2008

Notice Anything Different With Kayley?

That's right. Kayley is off the oxygen and she is doing great. At 3 am this morning, the nurse turned Kayley's oxygen percent down to 21% which is the lowest it goes because it is equivalent to room air. She stayed there until 9 am when they decided to take her off completely. I guess Kayley just decided enough was enough. The day nurse did not call Megan or I to tell us because she didn't want to jinx it. Megan found out when she arrived this afternoon and saw Kayley. Megan called me when she was leaving the hospital. And as I said, Kayley is doing great. She even seems to be doing better without it. Almost all night tonight, she has kept her oxidation up in the 90's. A reason that she may be doing better is because there is no more irritation in her nose agitating her. This news was definitely a pleasant surprise today. Hopefully she continues to do well and can stay off it for good.

The order from the doctor does specify that Kayley can have oxygen while she is eating. They don't want to put her under too much stress. But tonight I fed her a bottle and she was a champ. She didn't need the extra oxygen. She kept her oxidation very high and didn't dip until the end when she was exhausted. She did that even when she was on the oxygen. Even when it would dip, she would bring it right back up when I gave her a rest.

Speaking of feedings, Kayley did very well tonight...the best that I've seen her do. She has definitely learned what the objective of the bottle is. Now, she just needs to sharpen her skills a little bit more. She's definitely taking steps forward. She ended up taking 20 cc's from me...a new record for both of us.

And last, her weight update. Kayley gained another 45 grams to balloon up to 2790 grams. That is 6 lbs 2 oz. Are we going to have to put her on a diet when we get home?

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