Thursday, July 31, 2008

6 lbs!!!

Kayley made the 6 lb mark! She went up 45 grams today to 2745 grams or 6 lbs. That, as you all may know, is double her birth weight. It's another great milestone that Kayley has passed. If I remember back to when I first discussed Kayley's weight and what she'd weigh if she gained her 1 oz a day until she was 37 weeks and possibly on her way home, I believe it was just over 6 lbs. Well, maybe we'll shoot for 7 lbs before she goes home. She's only 34 1/2 weeks and she hit the 6 lbs already. And just to do some comparisons, I put two pictures together of her foot at 3 days old and her foot tonight. See above. Can you believe the difference? I bet her hands and face would look the same way.

We are not stopping there either. The doctors upped Kayley's feedings to 51 cc's today. Maybe she can top Drew's birth weight of 8 lbs 8 oz before she goes home. I really don't think that will happen but she's surprised us a lot so far.

Kayley's bottle feedings went a little better today. The nurse got Kayley to take 15 cc's when she tried. Then tonight, Kayley took 17 cc's from me...her highest mark yet. Maybe...just maybe we're starting to turn the corner. We hope so.

The night nurse told me something I really didn't want to hear tonight. Don't worry. It's not bad for Kayley. It's bad for Megan and I. Evidently Kayley is the most awake at her 3 am feeding. I really feel sorry for Megan because after all, I'm not the one that has to get up and breast feed her at that time. I would gladly do it if I could but I guess God just wants me to sleep at that time.

And the last update of the day is that Megan and I are now trained in infant CPR. We resuscitated our baby dummies very well today if I may say so. But seriously, it's very comforting to know that we can do it. We hope to never use it, but we'll have it handy if we ever need to.


  1. The first thing I do every morning when I get to the office is to check this blog for Kayley's progress. It is a wonderful way to start my day because because I am witnessing (along with many others) another of God's great miracles. He has also blessed you, Megan and Andy, with the gift of amazing love and ability to care for someone so small and so delicate. Of course, I cannot forget about the medical staff and facility you have also been blessed with. I am sure they are becoming like family to you since you spend so much time with them. Today is another good day. May tomorrow and the days to come be even better. Love to all .. Great Auntie Jan!

  2. Well said, Jan!

    I just looked back at the first post and it made me wonder how partial birth abortions are allowed in this country. They are performed in the third trimester, about the time Kayley came into this world. And look how beautiful she is now.

    Andy, thank you again for this blog. Your dedication to Kayley and her story is another beautiful thing.

    I guess I'm Great Auntie Sharon. :-)