Monday, July 14, 2008

5 Weeks Old

There is really not much to update from today. Kayley has just been resting, feeding, and growing. Everything stayed the same for her. She is still on the prongs and they haven't tried to feed her with a bottle or the breast yet.
Megan gave her another bath today. From the sound of it, it was quite the little episode. Kayley pooped on some stuff while she was being transferred to the tub. I guess it was better to do it then rather than when she was in the tub.

Kayley now weighs 1960 grams (4 lbs 4 oz). She's definitely doing a great job gaining weight.

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  1. Look at that beautiful girl! She looks great. She just needs to stick with eating, resting and getting stronger.

    Sorry I missed you when I was in Phoenix. Who knew 75% of Arizona went to Mexico over the 4th?!? We weren't planning on the trip back taking 7 hours. Neither was the Jeep. It overheated and we had no AC for 3.5 hours. Our own personal sauna!

    Love the posts and pics :)