Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Scale Doesn't Lie

Kayley had a sleepy day today. The nurse didn't try a bottle with her all day because she was just too tired. Megan only got her to take 2 cc's at her 3 pm feeding because she was more interested in sleeping. Luckily she was wide awake again tonight for her 9 pm feeding. I was able to feed her 10 cc's. That's a decent amount. She was really getting tired toward the end of the 30 minutes. Hopefully she gets nice and rested for some bottle time tomorrow. We need to get her in shape so we can take her home!

I guess the scale didn't lie last night. We were surprised that Kayley gained 120 grams in one day. That's way above normal. Given the big jump, I thought for sure she'd lose weight tonight. However, she went up another 25 grams. She is now 2455 grams ( 5 lbs 6 oz). She's starting to knock on the door of doubling her birth weight. In the picture, you can even tell that she's starting to fill out more. Her cheeks are getting chubbier and her double chin is beginning to show more. And her arms aren't near as skinny as they use to be.

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