Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Feeding And Growing

Kayley doesn't have many updates again today. Her feedings are still 35 cc's. They may stay there for a little while until they make sure she's not getting reflux when she has a full belly. In any case, she's still gaining good weight. Tonight she weighed 1990 grams (4 lbs 5 oz - very close to 4 lbs 6 oz). She's still a very little girl but she has come a long way since she was born.

Kayley's prongs are still in. Since this past weekend when they tried to take her off of them, they've had to keep her oxygen setting around 40%. Prior to the weekend, the oxygen was quite a bit lower. She seems to keep her oxidation high with the 40% setting but there are times when she dips a little. The nurse told me tonight that they've been trying to ween her off a bit but she doesn't handle it as well as they need her to. Let's hope she's not starting to rely on the oxygen too much.

I also noticed while I was holding her tonight that she sounds really stuffed up. She sneezed and coughed more than normal which tells me that she needs to be suctioned. I relayed my thoughts to the nurse and she said she would probably try to suction her when she changes her diaper the next time. Hopefully that clears Kayley up a bit and allows her to breathe more comfortably so they can ween her off the oxygen. It seems like this is becoming more of a hurdle that we thought it would be. Or maybe she's just really resting up to give it a good "go" the next time.

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