Monday, July 21, 2008

Does This Onesie Make Me Look Fat?

Kayley must have heard the news about her gaining all that weight because today she worked a little bit of it off. Megan said Kayley had a little attitude while she was there today. She didn't want anyone touching her. If they tried, Kayley would greet them with flailing arms and kicking legs. When I got in tonight, the night nurse said she heard Kayley was a little ornery today. The day nurse told her Kayley was crying so loud at one point that she could hear Kayley all the way down the hall. Kayley has really never cried that loud. I suspect she was just working off a bit of that weight. She weighed 15 grams less tonight than last night. She is now 2180 grams (4 lbs 12 oz).

I sat down and had a talk with Kayley about how we weren't making fun of her weight. Last night when I said, "Geez. She's getting huge," I meant that in a good way. She understood and promised that she'd keep putting the weight on. We'll see if she really meant it at tomorrow's weigh in.

Kayley's next head ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow. It's just a routine ultrasound to follow up. They don't suspect anything is wrong. They just want to make sure everything is continuing to go well. Also, sometimes when babies have bleeds in the brain, it can cause cysts. Since Kayley's resolved so quickly and one doctor even told us they weren't real certain she even had one, they don't expect to find any surprises. But, we'll still keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Love the title of this post. It won't be long and the little gal will actually be asking you guys that same question for real! :-) I had predicted she would hit 5 lbs by Tuesday but I certainly didn't know you had told her she looked huge! Now it may take until Wednesday or Thursday. No more exercising today, Kayley!

  2. I especially love the middle picture. Looks like she is praying and thank God for his loving care and watching over her. Once again, very precious. Love you Kayley ..... Great Aunt Jan!