Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Calm Day In The NICU

Not much went on today for Kayley. She's resting up and trying to gain weight. Megan held her this afternoon and she did great again. She is not requiring as much oxygen today as she did last night to get use to the new CPAP settings. Right now the setting is at 21% oxygen which is room air. Even with that, she's keeping her oxidation level in the upper 90's. That's very good. When they are giving her more than 21% oxygen, they keep her oxidation between 83 and 93. Since she is on the lowest setting, she is allowed to have it higher. So basically, she's keeping her oxygen up all by herself. I can feel the move off the CPAP and onto the oxygen prongs coming soon. That's just my guess though. We'll let the doctors make the final decision.

Kayley is still at 27 cc's for her feedings. She seems to be gaining weight very well so who knows when they'll up that again. It will most likely be when she's past a certain weight and it ups her full feed calculation. Tonight, Kayley's weight stayed at 1515 grams although she was weighed without her mask. So, we can say that her true weight is 1515 grams (3 lbs 5 oz).

The nurse tonight is trying to see how Kayley will do regulating her own body temperature. The isolette normally helps her by raising or lowering the temperature in the bed to heat or cool her. Since Kayley does so well when she's out and being held, the nurse is going to try to have her maintain it herself. They will help her a bit by swaddling her more or by adding clothes. So far, she is doing great. She'll be ready to move to the crib in no time.

I didn't get to hold Kayley tonight. I was held up with something else so I got in late. The nurse had her all bundled up in clothes and swaddled so neatly. Kayley looked very comfortable and was sound asleep. I didn't want to be mean and wake her up just so I could hold her....even though she does like being held. So, I'll just have to put in some extra time tomorrow night.

The pictures above are of Kayley all cozy for the night. The nurse put some new clothes on there and swaddled her pretty well. The mask and contraption is part of the CPAP. And yes, the green thing in her mouth is a pacifier. They have really been working with her to get the sucking down.

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  1. My first thought upon seeing Kayley all bundled up was that you'd never know it was over 110 today. Thank you for explaining why she looks like she's in the Arctic instead of Arizona! :-)