Friday, July 4, 2008

Kayley had a great day yesterday on her new oxygen prongs. She didn't brady at all like she did a couple times the day before. Megan was there when Dr. Lepp did his rounds. He said they are not worried at all about 3 or 4 brady's a day and they even expect the babies to have a few especially when they a moved to a new machine. He said if she was having 10-12 a day, that's when they start paying close attention and start thinking about moving her back to CPAP. So, it looks like Kayley is doing very well as usual.

There were no more reports from the nurses about Kayley having blood in her stool. So, it looks like we're in the clear as far as that's concerned.

There were not many other updates from yesterday. Kayley's feedings have stayed the same at 29 cc's. She has still been gaining weight. Last night she was up to 1610 grams from 1580 grams. Both are 3 lbs 9 oz.

Today, I am going in to give Kayley her bath. Megan has given her the last 3 so I'm overdue. Then, we will hopefully have pictures of her in her "I'm A Little Firecracker" outfit...perfect for the 4th of July.

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  1. Great news again. Yeah! I cannot wait to see her in the Firecracker onesie. Happy first 4th of July dear Kayley. Love, Grandma