Friday, July 11, 2008

.5, .4, .3....

There aren't many updates for Kayley today. Everything pretty much stayed the same except for her air flow. By the time Megan called in this morning, they had turned Kayley's flow down from .5 lpm to .4 lpm. The nurse mentioned that she was doing so well that she recommended to the doctors that she be turned down to .3 lpm by the end of the day. And so it was done. Kayley was down to .3 lpm by the time Megan got there. She's been at the same setting all night and is doing great. The nurse from today said it's possible that they turn Kayley's flow down even more tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

Kayley's weight stayed the same today. She is still 1830 grams (4 lbs 1 oz). Again, that's not a big deal. She's been doing so well that one day without a weight gain is no problem.

The nurse told me tonight that they have scheduled Kayley's next head ultrasound for July 21. It's just a follow up to make sure everything is continuing to go fine up there.

Since there are not many updates, I took some video. Kayley is becoming more active every day. She stays awake for longer periods of time and makes more and more noises.

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