Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No, That Onesie Doesn't Make You Look Fat...But That Double Chin Does!

Kayley is now 7 weeks old. Can you believe it? She is still in the feeding and growing stage. And boy is she growing. Last night, Kayley weighed in at 2585 grams (5 lbs 11 oz) which was up 55 grams. Tonight, she weighed in at 2660 grams; up 75 more grams. So, she weighs a total of 5 lbs 13 oz...just shy of 14 oz. After tonight's weigh in, I had to ask the nurse if this weight gain was normal. She basically said it is on the high side of normal. She told me not to worry because if the doctors thought she was gaining too much weight, they'd cut her calories. And so far, there has been no word of that. 6 lbs...here Kayley comes.

Kayley is still trying to adapt to this bottle/breast feeding concept. The nurse today tried the bottle a couple of times. Kayley took 10 cc's the first time and 5 cc's the second. Then, at her breast feeding session today, Kayley still wasn't very interested. Tonight when I came in, I gave Kayley another try with the bottle. She took 14 cc's. She really started off slow for me. It seemed that she just forgot how to swallow for a little while. She was getting the milk in her mouth but most of it would trickle out as she kept sucking. We gave her a little 2 minute rest, cleaned out her stuffy nose, and then I tried again since she was still wide awake. She did a lot better. She really didn't spit out much at all. She paced herself and swallowed what she got out of the bottle. Hopefully that's a sign that she's starting to get it.

Well, we have a big week of classes coming up. Wednesday Megan, Marla, and I are going to attend an infant CPR class. Grandpa Mark is coming to town so he's going to keep Drew company during that time...if his plane lands on time. Then, Megan and I are going to two more classes on Saturday. The first one is called Getting Close. We're taking this one a little late since a lot of the stuff we've already learned from the nurses (like bathing Kayley). But, I'm sure we'll learn some of the things we missed. The second class is called Homeward Bound. This class teaches us about home safety, visitors, developmental goals, car seats, and signs and symptoms of illness to name a few.

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