Friday, July 18, 2008

Night Owl?

Feeding and growing. Feeding and growing. That has been the motto as of late. That means not much else has happened in the NICU. The oxygen she is getting is staying pretty low. The whole time tonight, she's been at 21%. It'll be interesting to know when they are shooting to take her off the prongs again. One thing worth noting is that in a week and a half (when Kayley is 34 weeks gestation), Kayley will need to keep her oxidation level between 90%-98%. Right now she only needs to be between 83%-93%. So, that could factor into the decision. I'm sure we'll find out their plans in the next couple of days.

Kayley is still doing great. She may be somewhat of a night owl though. Today the nurse said Kayley slept most of the day and didn't wake up much for her feedings. The nurse was a little concerned until Grandma Marla arrived to hold Kayley for her 6 pm feeding. Evidently she was wide awake then. And when I arrived tonight, she was wide awake again. She stayed awake almost her whole feeding. Could it be that she's becoming a night owl? For Megan's and my sake, let's hope not. We'll make sure to have her trained by the time we leave the NICU. Night time is for sleeping.

Kayley gained more weight today. She went up 55 grams to 2115 grams (4 lbs 10 oz). 5 lbs isn't far off.

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