Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tomorrow Kayley will be 32 weeks gestation according to the doctor's calculations. She was born at 27 weeks 2 days gestation. If Megan would have still been pregnant with Kayley now, they would have started doing tests on her lungs to see if they were fully developed. As soon as they were comfortable with their development, she would have been delivered. No need though. Kayley decided for them and her lungs have done a great job.

Kayley keeps going down on the air flow that she's receiving. This afternoon she was moved down to .2. She has handled the change without any issues. The whole time I was there tonight she was on 21% oxygen (room air) which means she's really not receiving any extra oxygen. She's just benefitting from the air flow. We can't help but wonder how soon she'll be off the prongs all together. I'm betting it will be soon.

Kayley's feedings are now at 35 cc's. She's doing very well in this arena. With her gestational age now at 32 weeks, they will probably start introducing her to a bottle or breast sometime soon to see how she can handle feeding on her own. We've heard a couple theories on this. We thought maybe they'd try when Megan is in tomorrow but the nurse tonight said she thinks they'll wait a little bit. She also said they may want to start Kayley with a bottle first so that they can control how much she gets. I guess we'll just have to find out the plan tomorrow. Megan will be in when the doctor does rounds so we should get everything straightened out and have a good idea after that.

Kayley is back on track with her weight gaining. Her weight is now 1895 grams (4 lbs 3 oz). That more than makes up for not gaining anything last night.

Lastly, Kayley is experiencing something most babies do. She has a sore butt. It started turning a little red today. I guess it was bound to happen since she has a full diaper almost every time she is changed. The treatment is normal. They apply cream every time they change her diaper. Hopefully it isn't too painful and heals up quickly.

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  1. We may not respond to all your postings Andy & Megan, but rest assured they are appreciated by all of us. You are truly blessed and we thank God for that. Kayley is very fortunate to have parents like you who love her and little Drew so very much. So much that it hurts sometimes. Have a great day and we will continue in our prayers for you. Much love.... Don & Jan!