Monday, July 7, 2008

4 Weeks Old

One more week down. Kayley is 4 weeks old. We see a lot of differences in her since the day she was brought in. Mainly, her breathing and her size. She's gone from the ventilator to the CPAP to the nasal prongs. And today, the doctors even had the nasal prongs upgraded to a smaller size that provides less flow. Her flow was 1.0 lpm but is now down to .5 lpm. I asked the nurse tonight and she said they ween her off the prongs slowly. They will take it step by step going down .1 lpm per change. She's doing great so far on her new prongs.

It's hard for us to notice the size changes in Kayley since we see her everyday. However, Megan noticed that there are changes in how the same size clothes are now fitting. Her hats are getting tighter along with the outfit itself. She's still very small but it's nice to see the changes. Tonight she weighed in at 1740 grams, up 20 grams. It's still 3lbs 13oz but she's gaining. She's doing a great job with her feedings.

We now seem to have 3 main goals. The first is to ween her off the oxygen. Like I said, that could take some time. The second is to get her feedings closer to how they would normally be. This includes having her feed using the bottle or breast. This will be a major accomplishment for Kayley. And the last one is to get her out of the isolette and into a big girl bed. So far she's doing great regulating her own temperature in the isolette. This last goal may not be too far away.

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