Saturday, July 19, 2008

33 Weeks Gestation

Kayley may decide on her own when she wants the prongs out.

Kayley broke out of my swaddling job to say, "No pictures please."

Kayley did some more resting and eating today. She's getting very good at it. Her oxygen was at 21% the whole day. That's a good sign. It led me to ask the nurse tonight if there was anything in her chart about when they'll try to take her off the oxygen again. The only thing the chart says is to "start weening Kayley off the .2 lpm." So, it looks like they've been talking about it. I'm sure they'll be more cautious this time so Kayley has a better shot at succeeding. Plus as I said last night, she only has one more week until she has to keep her oxidation at 90% or above. That's a big jump from the 83% now.

I also asked the nurse if there were any notes on nipple feeding in Kayley's chart. The chart is a little vague again as it only says to "try after she is 33 weeks gestation." Well, she's 33 weeks gestation tomorrow so it could be as soon as that. Otherwise, I'm sure it'll be within the next couple days.

And last, the weight update. Kayley jumped up another 40 grams today. She is now 2155 grams (4 lbs 11 oz). She's doing her job.

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