Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting Bigger...

Kayley didn't have many changes again today. She's still on the same settings with the oxygen prongs and she hasn't tried to eat from a bottle yet. However, they did bump her feedings up from 38 cc's to 40 cc's. It's starting to seem like quite a bit for that little stomach of hers...but that's why I'm not the doctor.

The new feeding amount seems to be giving Kayley a little more reflux than what she's had recently. When she starts to reach the end of her feeding, you can hear her cough and gasp a little bit. Her oxidation also drops at the same time. The new feeding amount will just take some getting use to. I asked the nurse and she said that reflux is quite common and they normally out grow it. So, it's really nothing to worry about.

Kayley gained her normal amount of weight today. She went up 40 grams to 2195 grams (4 lbs 13 oz). 5 lbs is in her sights. The way she's going she'll hit that in the coming week.

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