Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Day Of Improvements

Kayley made some very good improvements today. The doctor started out the day by turning her CPAP pressure down to 4. He is being very cautious with her because of her past history of trying to get off the ventilator. The nurses say that most of the time, the pressure doesn't go below 5 because at that point they are ready to get off the CPAP. But, another day is fine with us. The CPAP doesn't hurt Kayley at all besides some discomfort of wearing it. We expect her to be off the CPAP and onto the oxygen prongs within the next couple of days.

Kayley's feedings went up to 29 cc's today as she continues to put on weight. Her weight tonight was 1580 grams (3 lbs 8 oz). That more than makes up for the lack of weight gain last night.

Kayley's is still working on keeping her own temperature steady. Her bed is now on manual mode and doesn't adjust to help Kayley. So far she is doing great. The nurse today said she is close to moving out of the isolette.

Megan gave Kayley her first tub bath today. Since she doesn't have any IV's and isn't on the ventilator, there is no need to just do a sponge bath. So, Kayley was cleaned better than ever. Megan said she seemed to really enjoy it. She kept her heart rate and oxidation in check the whole time. Megan says it must be something to do with her "having the touch."

Kayley had a couple visitors besides just plain ol' mom and dad today. We brought Drew in for his 3rd time. He seems to know where and who Kayley is but would still rather get down out of my arms and check the room out. So, his visits are very quick. Uncle Mitch is in town tonight through the weekend to help us out with Drew while Grandma Marla is back in Iowa for the 4th. After I picked him up from the airport, we went to the hospital. Kayley got see one of her uncles for the first time. She seemed to show off a bit too. She had a very good night with Mitch observing. She even opened her little eyes for him a couple times.


  1. My granddaughter has changed since I last saw her a week ago. Keep it up Kayley! We love you.

  2. I am so happy about her progress. Thanks for the photos without all those tubes. We can see her
    pretty face...