Sunday, July 27, 2008

34 Weeks Gestation

Kayley is 34 weeks gestation today. That really changes only one thing. Her oxidation now has to be kept between 90 and 98 percent. She does well normally but now she may just need a little more oxygen until she gets a little bigger.

Kayley attempted the bottle a couple more times today. However, when Megan was in this morning, they attempted breast feeding instead. Kayley started out well at her 9 am feeding but tuckered out pretty quickly. Then, at her 12 pm feeding, she really wasn't interested at all. I guess breast feeding really takes a lot out of her. So, it was back to the bottle at her 3 pm feeding. The nurse handled this one and said Kayley did well for a little bit and then quit. I think she ended up getting around 5 cc's. The next try was at Kayley's 9 pm feeding. I was here to do the honors. Kayley started very well. We thought we were going to have to add some milk to the bottle. However, she tired pretty quickly again. After a burp, we gave her another shot. Again she was doing well for a couple minutes, then tired. She ended up getting 12 cc's. Even though she took about the same amount as some of the other times, I could tell she is getting a little better . She really seemed to understand what was going on more. Instead of just sucking away and then deciding what to do with the milk in her mouth, it almost seemed like she was sucking to get the milk. Hopefully that's a sign that she's going to pick it up pretty soon.

And last, her weight. She weighed in at 2530 grams (5 lbs 9 oz) tonight which is up 75 grams. She keeps on gaining.

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  1. Kayley looks incredible!! I love the chubby cheeks she is starting to develop! Keep it up Kayley!

    Aunt Kim