Saturday, July 5, 2008

Watching Kayley's Girlish Figure

Kayley didn't have many changes yesterday. Her feedings stayed the same at 29 cc's. Her oxygen settings pretty much stayed the same. They raise and lower the oxygen level she is getting depending on how much she needs at the time. It usually never exceeds 30% which is still a very low setting.

Kayley's weight took another jump up yesterday. She went up to 1685 grams (3 lbs 11 oz). She has been eating very well and gaining weight consistently. This is one of the obstacles that she is overcoming with ease in the NICU. Hopefully it continues.

I gave Kayley her 2nd tub bath yesterday. It was my first time. She did very well. She was calm the whole time. She seems to be taking everything in stride now. She doesn't get as mad as she use to. I'm not sure if she's getting better at handling those situations or if we're getting better at handling her. It's probably some of both. After the bath, we dressed Kayley for the 4th of July. She looked great (as shown in the pictures above).

One big change we had yesterday is that we moved rooms again. This time it was at our request. When we started in room 102, there weren't a lot of babies around us. That's why they moved us to room 113. We were around more babies so the nurses didn't have to go very far between rooms. However, the bad part of that was that the majority of babies that were around us had infections. We didn't feel comfortable with that so Megan requested a new room yesterday. The head nurse understood our concern and complied to our request right away. So, Kayley was moved to room 354 last night. Our new place has a window with a view. The nurse we talked to said it will be good because when babies are getting prepared to go home, one of the things they do is get them used to light. The window will help with that.

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