Monday, June 30, 2008

3 Weeks Old

It's unbelievable. Kayley is now 3 weeks old. I'll say it again. Time has flown by. I suppose it's because everything has been going so well. Hopefully the rest of the time will fly by also.

Kayley's CPAP settings went down again today. She is now on level 5 pressure. She started at 7, then went to 6, and is now at 5. Our nurse tonight said she's requiring a little bit more oxygen today because of the change but overall she's adjusting to it very well. Her oxygen is normally at 21% when she gets settled down and is nice and quiet. While I was there tonight, it was set to 25% so she didn't have to work too hard. It's a very minimal difference but will help Kayley adjust better. We are guessing that she will be off the CPAP sometime this week.

Tonight it was time for Kayley's weekly measurements. They record her weight, length, and head circumference to see if she's on schedule. Her weight came it at 1515 grams (3 lbs 5 oz) which is 30 grams more than last night. She gained an ounce. A very nice weight gain. This is right where she should be. Her length was 16 1/4 inches. At birth she was 15 1/2 inches. Last week she was 16 inches. Again, she fell right where she should be. And last, her head grew 1 cm. I didn't get the total circumference, but again, it was perfect. Right on schedule.

It's hard to believe she's grown that much these past 3 weeks but I guess we really don't notice it too much because we see her every day. One of the nurses came in last week and noticed how she is getting chubby cheeks...a Drew trademark. We'll have to start paying more attention.


  1. I agree with the nurse, her cheeks are looking chubby. Yay!

  2. Hi Andy & Megan .... our prayers for you and your little angel continue to be never ending. God's love and grace is also never ending. May he continue to embrace little Kayley with his wonderful love and give her the strength to grow. You are both wonderful parents. I know this has been an extremely difficult time but it has also made you stronger. We all appreciate these great daily postings because we feel like we are right there with you. Love you .... Aunt Jan.