Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Diaper Changing Machine

Even though Kayley is our daughter, we're still working up the courage to touch her. We're scared of hurting her or doing something wrong. Well, I owned up to my fear and said yes to the nurse's third offer to change Kayley's diaper. As you can probably imagine, it's a lot different than changing a full term baby's diaper and especially a lot different than changing Drew's. With Kayley being so young, there are some extra things to remember. You never want to lift her legs over the level of her head. That would cause blood to rush to her head causing pressure in her head and a higher risk of brain bleeds. Also, there are many wires and tubes that need to be worked around in order to not knock any of them loose. And last, even the super small diapers they have here are still too big for Kayley, so some folding needs to be done. With all this in mind, I successfully completed my first Kayley diaper change tonight!


  1. Man Andy, what an awesome husband and father you are. Never take him for granted Megan!!! You are being a very brave person which is definitely needed at a time like this. The more comfortable you guys become with it, I'm sure the more it will benefit Kayley to have the frequent touch of her mom and dad. I truly believe they know the difference in the touch. Keep up the strength and we'll be continuing with our prayers.

  2. Andy has been outstanding in his role as husband and father. They both need him to be so and he is an exemplary daddy!