Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Fiesty One

Ever since we got Kayley back to the room, the nurses have called her fiesty. She can be as calm as can be but if someone starts messing with her (drawing blood, changing her diaper, etc.), she starts fighting with them. The arms and legs start going and she cries...or at least looks like she's crying. We can't hear anything yet because of the tube in her throat.

Every doctor and nurse has noticed it. She's been called fiesty at least 10 times. It's a good thing to be fiesty, but just not right now. The doctors and nurses want Kayley to rest as much as she can. Therefore, she receives a sedative to help keep her calm. Megan and I have even sprung into action. Premature babies like to be contained. We place our hands over her legs, arms, and head to contain her and keep her from moving too much. It's amazing how this works. She calms right down...only to become fiesty towards the next doctor or nurse to disturb her sleep.

The best thing about it is that she maintains a healthy heart rate and blood pressure during these times. They go up a bit, but nothing to get worried about. It's way better than the alternative. The nurses mention how good it is that her heart rate and blood pressure do not drop when they handle her. A lot of premature babies do drop causing more concerning situations.

So I guess Megan was right when she kept saying, "Your daughter is kicking me again!"

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