Friday, June 20, 2008

Why Such A Big Diaper For Such A Little Girl?!?!?

I'm sure this will embarrass Kayley when she reads this years down the road but that's what Dad's do right? Looks like we don't have to worry about Kayley processing her feedings. The nurse had to change her bedding twice last night because Kayley pooped through her diaper the first time and pee'd through it the second time. Finally, the nurse upped the diaper size. The ones before were too big for her so these new ones are way too big. However, they hold more. That's key. Atta girl Kayley...keep it up.

There wasn't much of an update this morning from the doctor. The plan for the day was just another day of rest. Kayley is good at that by now...except when the nurse and Mom come in and wake her up with a bath. Yep. Kayley got her second bath today this time from Megan. And from what Megan says, Kayley was none too happy about being woken up for it. She was happy when they were done and she was able to be put in her first outfit. All the nurses today loved it and said it fits Kayley (the wild child) perfectly. See the pictures above. The outfit is courtesy of Brooke and Aaron. Thanks! It's perfect because it's NICUwear. It allows all the wires from the monitors to run out the opening in the front. Some people are so smart to come up with these things.

Part of the nurses routine with Kayley is to suction her lungs out. The ventilator tube that Kayley has causes there to be a lot of secretions in her lungs. So every now and then, Kayley's oxygen levels will drop a little bit and her heart rate will start to go up. When they feel her chest or listen to her, she feels or sounds coarse. These are signals that it's time to suction. The suction tube is part of Kayley's ventilator tube. The ventilator tube comes out of her mouth and splits in 2 (kind of a Y). One path goes to the ventilator and the other path goes to suction. When they suction her, they slide a smaller suction tube down the tube in her throat and then activate the suction. This grabs whatever is in her lungs. It's pretty amazing how much stuff is in there. They normally do about 3 to 4 passes to get it all. The tubes have measurements on them so they know when to stop pushing the suction tube in. Going too far into the lungs could damage them. Anyway, this morning, the nurse couldn't seem to get it all. No matter how many times she tried, Kayley still sounded coarse. So, they went to a bigger suction tube and got it. I guess it was just too thick to get through the smaller tube. Hopefully Kayley will be off the ventilator soon so she doesn't have to keep going through this.

As you can see from the pictures above, big brother Drew came to see Kayley again. This was his second time. He saw her the day she was born. We don't bring him too often because he really doesn't understand the situation or that he has a sister yet. He would rather get down and play with all the interesting machines in the room. He can, however, say Kayley...pronounced "Kkkk LEY" with emphasis on the "ley". Grandma taught him in the car on the way down here one day. In any case, Drew seemed to like seeing Kayley and was a little curious. Little does he know that this little girl in the isolette is going to come home in a couple months and steal his room, his furniture, and a lot of the attention he currently gets.

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