Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kayley's Suite

Our room from the hallway.

Kayley's bed and all the hookups. The famous monitor that we all watch closely is above her bed.

My bed and desk for now. I'm sure Megan will benefit from these when her stomach feels better.

I thought I'd just provide everyone with a look into what our new surroundings look like. We have been very impressed with the facility that we are in. Phoenix Children's Hospital runs the NICU at this hospital and everything about it has been remodeled. Just over a year ago, all the NICU babies were in one large room. I can't even imagine that chaos. Only 6 short weeks ago, just half the remodeling was done so babies were 2 to a room. Luckily, everything is complete now and all babies have their own room. The rooms are complete with all the medical setups needed. Kayley has not had to leave this room yet for any procedure. Everything is brought to her. Most surgeries would even be performed in this room. For anyone who stays here, the room features a couch that turns into a bed, a recliner, and a desk with phone and internet connection.

There are other great features of this facility and Phoenix Children's Hospital. This facility has a family room. It contains TVs, DVD players, computers, research materials, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. There are also showers and washers and dryers here...all for free. Great benefits for those who stay here multiple days. Phoenix Children's Hospital also has something called the Emily Center. It's a place that can provide us with any information that we request. For instance, once we heard Kayley has an IVH, we requested to have information about IVH's sent to us. We received a packet today with tons of articles on IVH's. It is very beneficial. We truly believe we are at the best place in Phoenix for high risk babies.

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  1. Andy, thanks for the pictures of Kayley's suite. It looks very nice and Phoenix Children's has an excellent reputation.