Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nothing But Good Things

It's past 1 am here and I just got done holding Kayley. Megan was here during the day and met the doctor while he was doing rounds. I'm going to cheat and just paste in her update and then add a little of what I know at the end.

From Megan:

"The doctor doing rounds said he thought Kayley was doing great. He said her stats looked great. He also brought up her head ultrasound. He said the third one that they just did showed it resolving further and that made him think she may not have even had one in the first place. He explained that the first head ultrasound 3 days after birth is like looking through a foggy window and if they think they see a bleed, they make that call. He said it really doesn't matter because a preemie with no brain bleed and one that has a grade 1 or 2 that resolves is at the same risk for developmental problems anyway, but he did want us to know that she may not have even had one. He made it sound like the ultrasound that she will have right before she is discharged should be able to tell us if she ever had one.

He increased her feeds from 25 to 27 cc's. He said the goal now is to have her put on weight. He said some days she won't gain any and when she does gain it won't be the same amount each time, but they will watch her trend and he said he liked what he saw over the past week so that is good.

He didn't say when she would get off of CPAP, but it sounded like it would probably be this coming week.

As he was leaving, he said we should continue to pray to whoever it is we pray to because it is working. That made me feel really good."

The nurse weighed Kayley again tonight while I was here and her weight came up as 1485 grams (3 lbs 4 oz). That's 25 grams up from last night which is a great weight gain again.

The last update I have is that Kayley is really starting to use her lungs. As I was getting here tonight and walking down the hall, I heard a little cry coming from Kayley's room. Sure enough, Kayley was letting the nurse know how mad she was. She has made a lot of sounds before but never a true cry. Well, now she has. I have a feeling this may come back to haunt us months down the line...

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