Friday, June 27, 2008

Where The Heck Did Kayley Go?

Well, Kayley had another good day with some more changes. First of all, they lowered Kayley's settings on the CPAP. She is now down to level 6 for pressure. She was level 7. That's a good sign. She is handling the CPAP and breathing on her own very well.

Kayley's PCVC was taken out today. She had no need for it and she is doing very well with her feedings. So, as I posted last night, she is just down to the 1 tube..her feeding tube. All the rest of the things hooked up to her are just monitors. All of her sites that had a risk of infection are gone. With the PCVC out, Kayley can now have a tub bath instead of a sponge bath. We'll be able to get her really clean.

As expected, Kayley's feedings went up again today. When Megan was there, the nurse said to her that Kayley would be up to 24 cc's within the day. With Kayley's weight gain, her new full feed is 25 cc's. No need to worry that she isn't going to meet her full feed, the doctor told me tonight while I was there that Kayley was going up to 25 cc's at her midnight feeding. She is doing great.

Dr. Sprague made a point to come in to talk to me tonight (we're not around for the morning rounds like we used to be). He wanted to tell me how great he thinks Kayley is doing. He mentioned her being off the ventilator, her resolving brain bleed, and her full feedings to name a few of her highlights. It was great to hear. I asked how long she'd be on the CPAP. His answer was, "Several days." I really thought she'd be on the CPAP for a couple weeks. They must really think she's doing great. After the CPAP, Kayley will just have prongs in her nose (like adults would have) that give her oxygen.

Kayley was held twice today, once by her mom and once by me. She did great both times. She really likes being held. She stays so calm. Even when she's all comfy in her bed, she still moves a bit and knocks her CPAP mask off a lot.

And last but not least, Kayley was moved to a new room tonight. They did it between the time Megan left and the time I got there so you can imagine the surprise I got when I arrived. I walked into the NICU and got to our Kayley. Where the heck did they take her? I was confused. Then I looked down the hall and saw a nurse waving at me (I think they know our schedule so she was waiting for me to show up). I walked down to where she was and sure enough, Kayley was in a new room. We are now in room 113. It's the same set up except on the other side of the hallway. I was a little disappointed because I liked our first room, but I'll get over it. The nurse said they moved her so she was closer to some other babies. This way, the nurse who had Kayley and another baby didn't have to go quite so far to get from room to room. I'm pretty sure Kayley didn't mind either way.

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