Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update on Megan

I received a couple inquiries on how Megan is doing so I figured I'd go ahead a let you all know on the blog. Megan had a c-section again as you all know. It wasn't a real easy one as Kayley was stuck. So, with all the pushing and pulling on Megan's abdomen, she was pretty sore. However, she's a pro at staying on top of her pain pills so that has helped out a lot.

On Monday after catching up on some sleep, the nurses made her get up and walk 3 laps around the nurses' station. It was slow, but she did it. She even got up again that night to walk 3 more laps. I think there was a little extra inspiration since Kayley is in the NICU and Megan needed to prove she could handle walking before she could come down.

Sure enough, Megan sent me a message Tuesday morning for me to come up and walk down with her to the NICU. She walked the whole way...which isn't a very short distance. Since then, she's been strong enough to do it on her own multiple times a day. So, I'd say she's doing very well.

She will either be discharged tomorrow or Friday. She actually wants it to be Friday so she can stay at the hospital in her room with Kayley just a floor away. Even though the couch in Kayley's room is good to sleep on, it would not be soft enough for someone who just had a c-section. And since she had a c-section, she cannot drive for 2 weeks. So, she wants to be here as long as she can so she doesn't have to depend on a ride to get down here. And since I'll be staying at the hospital, that would mean either I go get her or her mom brings her down.

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