Monday, August 11, 2008

They Could Be Twins...

We have been noticing the last couple weeks that Kayley is really starting to look like Drew when he was younger. Megan found a picture of Drew today that we thought would be a good comparison. So, I got out my tools and created a side by side photo (above). Holy crap! If Kayley didn't have the feeding tube, it would be hard to tell them apart.

Kayley had her normal Sunday night measurements taken tonight. She is right in line with her head circumference and her length. Her head circumference is 34 centimeters. I'm not sure that means anything to any of us but it's where she should be. Kayley's length came in at 18 3/4 inches. Again, that's perfect according to the chart. She is now only 1/4 inch shorter than Drew was when he was born.

Last night I reported that Kayley's weight dropped significantly and we expected them to put Kayley back on the extra calorie additive. Well, our expectations were right. Starting with her 6 pm feeding, she got the extra boost. Her weigh in tonight already showed it. She weighed in 100 grams higher than last night. She is now 3090 grams (6 lbs 14 oz). That makes up for last night's loss and even gives her 20 grams for a good gain tonight.

Kayley fed well again today. The night nurse got Kayley to take 48 cc's from the bottle at Kayley's 3 am feeding. And according to Megan, breastfeeding went very well today. I don't have any other updates from any bottle feeding attempts today except for the one I did tonight at 9 pm. She took 40 cc's from me. She's starting to be pretty consistent. One thing that Kayley needs to do is wake up for all of her feedings. Right now, she still sleeps through a lot of them. It's hard to feed her a bottle when she's not even awake. So, that will be an obstacle that she needs to overcome. Other than that, she's doing very well.

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