Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy 2 Month Birthday Kayley!

Cousin Erik from New Mexico stops by.

Kayley is 2 months old today! Where has the summer gone.

Being the weekend, Megan was at the hospital all morning so she could catch the doctor doing rounds. There were no updates. However, he was a little surprised that the doctor yesterday took Kayley off all the added calories so soon. But, she's going to stay off them for the time being at least until Monday. She is scheduled to have some lab work done to check some things. If her nutrition levels check out all right, they will probably keep her off the added calories. But, if something isn't they way they want it, she will probably be put back on.

The nurse tonight (our primary night nurse) was also surprised that Kayley was taken off all extra calories. She mentioned that some doctors have different philosophies and they will probably discuss the topic amongst themselves in order to agree on a plan.

To throw a bigger wrench in the current plan, Kayley lost a significant amount of weight tonight. She was down 80 grams to 2990 grams (6 lbs 9 oz). That's down 3 ounces from last night. Her weight gains are supposed to get smaller but she's not supposed to lose weight. We have a feeling that Kayley's going to go back on the extra calories unless she gets back on the wagon and starts gaining the weight back tomorrow night.

Kayley had a great day of bottle feeding today. She took 30 cc's from the nurse at her 6 am feeding. At her 9 am feeding, Kayley attempted to breast feed again. That didn't go so great. So, Megan feed Kayley a bottle at her 12 pm feeding. She took 32 cc's then. Tonight at her 9 pm feeding, Kayley took a whopping 46 cc's from me. I thought she was going to finish the bottle. She had 10 cc's left after her 30 minutes were up. I think she could have finished it but it would have put us way over her time limit. She was pretty tired the way it was. So, we'll continue tomorrow.

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