Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Guessing Game...What's Different In My Pictures?

That's right!! They pulled Kayley's feeding tube out this morning. Kayley beat them to the punch last night and already took it out. Too bad they would believe her that it was time then. Anyway, this means that they are letting Kayley set her own schedule and amount. The goal is to eat well and gain weight. If she can do that, we'll be taking her home in no time. The nurse told me tonight that it could be as soon as 48 hours after they take the tube out. That's very optimistic. Kayley has to eat well, gain weight, and have no bad episodes. The nurse also told me to bring the car seat in so we can pass the carseat test. They test us to make sure the carseat is correct and that we know how to use it. Everyone needs to pass the test before going home. So, it's looking pretty promising.

Kayley did very well on her first day on just the bottle. Right after they took the tube out, she took down 70 cc's for the nurse! Not a bad start. Then Megan was in for the next feeding at 12:30 pm. Kayley breast fed and had a bottle after that. I don't have any update for the mid-afternoon feeding, but I had to get her early tonight because they thought Kayley would be hungry by 8 pm. So, I'm assuming Megan got done feeding Kayley around 1 pm or a little after. Then they had another feeding in between that time and when I got here at 8 pm. Evidently Kayley woke up around 7:30 pm and was already hungry. The nurse graciously held her off until I got here. And man Kayley was hungry. She downed 70 cc's again. That was all that was in the bottle. She could have taken more but I really think she was done. Anything more than 70 cc's would have been pushing it. So, we'll continue on this road tomorrow and see what Kayley can do. I really think she's going to start getting it.

The crazy thing about this whole situation is that if we take Kayley home 48 hours from the time the tube was taken out it will be Wednesday, August 27. Before all this happened, that day was slated to be the day Kayley was going to be born by c-section. Again, that's very optimistic but I thought that was worth mentioning.

Kayley is passing 2 out of the 3 requirements with flying colors. She's eating well and she hasn't had any bad episodes. That leaves her weight. She actually dropped 40 grams tonight. That's not too bad considering she gained 80 grams last night. But, it's something I'm sure we'll be keeping a close eye on. She really needs to gain weight tomorrow night in order to have a shot at coming home in the next couple days. She is now 3500 grams (7 lbs 11 oz).

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  1. We continue our prayers for all of you and are confident you will be bringing your daughter home soon. What a journey it has been. Remember Kayley ..... you go girl! Love to all. Jan.